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Thursday, 20 October 2016

NOVEMBER 2016 GALLERY - Out of Focus.

Originally from Singapore, Wilf Wang moved to Turin, Italy, in 1998.  As a curious guy, Wilf explores the city for interesting places.  He pokes his nose into rallies, protests and celebrations to get a vibe of the city.  Wilf started his blog, Torino in My Eyes, in the beginning of 2012 to express appreciation for the beauty of Turin and to record events happening around the city.

Wilf’s partner loves to take out of focus photos and they usually turned out surprisingly beautiful.  This got Wilf thinking.  Most of the time, photographers pursue the sharpest images.  But, have we neglected the intriguing beauty of a blurry, out of focus image?  Let’s see.

The photo Wilf included here is a blurry image of the landmark of Turin, La Mole.  Originally conceived of as a synagogue, it now houses the Museo Nazionale del Cinema and is the tallest museum in the world.  What will you show on November 1?

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